"In football everything is complicated by the presence of the other team"
(Jean - Paul Satre)



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Trinity Roofing




East Region Youth Football Association
local Youth Football Association

Pilmeny Youth Centre
local youth organisation

Now CYP Scotland
National youth sports organisation


Scottish Football Association

Edinburgh's Local Newspaper


Scottish Youth Football Association
National Youth Football Association


Site for Leither's to keep in touch



Scottish Amateur Football Association





Scottish Daily Newspaper

Scottish Daily Newspaper

Keep an eye on Scottish Sport





Leith Declares Independence from Edinburgh
Freedom for Leith!

All the news from EH6 - Sunny Leith


Leith Academy
Our Local High School

Radio Leith
Leith's Media site

Fun Leith Site
Wacky view of Leith

Leith's Online News
All the local up to date news

Leith History
For all our History


Leith Weather Forecast
Current Leith Weather Forecast

Leith Declares Independence from Edinburgh
Freedom for Leith!

Leith in Pictures
Brilliant view of old and new Leith

Leith Festival
Find out what's during Gala week

Leith Comm Centre
Leith's local Community Centre


East of Scotland FA
Scotland's answer to the Conference League.

Edinburgh Refs Assoc
Site info from the local Referee's Association

Scotland's National Agency for Sporting excellence

East Region Juniors FA
They call them Juniors, but it's a real mans game

Sports Network
Find a Sport. You'll find them all here, including us.



English Premiership
Follow the progress of England's Finest

Sports Network
Every sport ever invented is listed here. Site packed with details

Soccer-Sites Search
Well worth a look if your searching for a club site.

Football Tricks
How to emulate the tricks of your hero's

Football Jokes
Good for a laugh. This will cheer you up.


Live Football Results
Watch  your teams match progress as it happens...Live.

Soccer Rules
Don't argue over the rules. Check them out here.

Soccer Links
Football web site directory. If you can't find it.. you will here

Pitch Care
Stadium Groundsmans'  online magazine

UK Football Stadiums
Interactive views of UK Stadiums, inside and out.


Soccer Practice
Drills/Warm Ups/ and coaching techniques for all

Footy 4 Kids
Drills and Coaching techniques for kids aged 7 - 11 years

Soccer Drills
Watch the session with Animated soccer drills

Football Fitness
Techniques for all ages. An excellent site

Redpath Coaching
Albion's own. Click the link for our coaching and fitness data


Coaching is Fun
Excellent site with bags of coaching tips for all ages

International Coaching
 Advanced coaching theories for aspiring coaches






Culter Boys Club
Boys Club situated in North Eastern area of  Scotland

Sports Network
Loads of Scottish youth sites found here

Dalmore Boys Club
Out of town club, on the fringes of Edinburgh

North Merchiston B.C.
One of Edinburgh's oldest boys clubs'



Bollington United
Based in Stockport, England

Boys Club of Wales

Club from Wales
Nicely constructed website

Santos FC
 Irish "Brazilian" Club



Soccer Selection
World Wide soccer links. loads to see and read

European football's governing body.

World Soccer's rulers and rule makers.

World Soccer Stadiums
an interactive tour of the greatest stadiums.

Football Birthday Cards
Make your own cards with this fun site


Phoenix Youth Soccer
Canadian Youth team. See how its done in Canada

FC Beijing, China
Curios about soccer in China, take a look and find out

American Academy
How they see the game over in the good old
U.S of A





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