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Albion Coach Murdo Steven with his own unique warm up technique for the Juniors
Proving football should be fun


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From the first elementary step's as a coach to the advanced tactical systems,, even the finest of the worlds coaches
will admit that they are always learning. The modern game does not allow for ambitious youth players, or for that matter career coaches, to rely solely on skill or enthusiasm. These two qualities are just a small fraction of what the modern game now demands of players/coaches who aspire to become involved in the modern game at any level. The club has extensively researched the many facets of what it now termed as essential for any young player wishing to make to earn a living from the game. Our research has covered Fitness - Injury - Coaching - Performance and Phsycology.
Much of the information is basic, however, the vast majority of the comments/articles/experiences listed below you will find are of tremendous value and give a fascinating insight into the wide ranging attributes required to succeed in today's game. The club will update and supplement the advice and information already researched at regular intervals.
If you wish, the full 65 page research document can be viewed in full via this link:

if not view the individual articles via the links below.



Soccer Fitness
SFA (South East Region) Coach Education Course Brochure 2009
Local courses are now confirmed. Contact club Chairman for enrolment details

Course Brochure




Soccer Fitness
Laws of the Game
Role of Officials
Foul Play
Playing Positions Guide
Playing Formations Guide
Equipment Guide
Think you know your offside?

Its all here (click)

Our Thanks to the
BBC Sports Academy Website


Soccer Fitness
Tackling - Heading - Passing - Turning - Goalkeeping - Shooting .....its all here
Our Thanks to the
BBC Sports Academy Website



Soccer Fitness
Youth Coaching Model






Soccer Fitness

Introduction to Physical Fitness

Training, Strength and Conditioning
An interview with Justin Leduc who is a Certified Athletic Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Key aspects on Training
Interview with Jeremy Boone, Carolina Athletic, Development Institute, USA



Soccer Fitness

Introduction to Football Injury



Soccer Fitness

Coaching Young People
Horst Wein, a well-known German university lecturer with coaching assignments in 51 countries, has always been convinced that one way of promoting the game of football and persuading more youngsters to take up the sport is, to make the practice of football more enjoyable, attractive and from the learning point of view more effective!

Defining the word Coaching
Following is a summary of a lecture given by Bill Beswick to the NSCAA Academy Coaching staff in connection with the NSCAA Convention in Baltimore in the year 2000. Beswick is a mentor/adviser to soccer coaches in England, including Howard Wilkinson of the English FA, Steve McLaren of Middlesborough FC and Steve Round of Derby County.



Soccer Fitness

Factors Affecting Football Performance
During preparation and actual match day, many factors can or will influence team performance and of course the final result. This article attempts to describe these various factors involved in determining soccer performance.

Circadian Rhythms and Sleep
According to Professor T. Reilly (Sports Science advisor for the English FA) In human beings, a variety of physiological functions such as body temperature and heart rate undergo distinct rhythmic changes in the 24-hour period. Generally the values are at their lowest during the night and reach their peak in the afternoon. This phenomenon is known as Circadian Rhythms. A fascinating article that should be absorbed by all coaches

Fluid Intake
Forgot your water bottle? You'll think twice about doing it again once you read this. Invaluable insight into the need to up the fluid intake

The Affects of Alcohol and Stimulants

You Wake Up One Morning Feeling Terrible



Soccer Fitness

So You Want to be a Big Time Soccer Star
The Following is an excerpt of an article by Sasho Cirovski, the Head Coach, University of Maryland, USA

The Pressures of Playing Soccer
The pressure experienced by soccer players at Youth, Amateur and especially at a professional level is recognised as influencing playing performance. The experts give you an insight into how to combat the pressures.

Confidence in Soccer
As any coach or player will tell you the importance of self-confidence is one of the most important elements in successful soccer performance
read what the experts say.

What Role Can Sports Phsycology Play in Soccer?
The appointment of Bill Beswick as Psychologist to Derby County FC in the English Premier League has not only opened doors but also has shown how this can help understand and improve player performance.



Soccer Fitness


Soccer Fitness
On Coaching and Fitness
How our European friends approach the game



Soccer Fitness
On Coaching and Player's
'Cloughie' as seen by commentator Brian Moore



Image Preview

Soccer Fitness
An insight into 60's Management Ideas
(Fascinating dabble with 1960's style of sports Phsycology)



Soccer Fitness
Fergie on life as a Player




Image Preview

Soccer Fitness
A short insight into the mind of the 'Chosen One'





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